Solos want to go out.
And they're ready to fill your seats.

Let Mixolo help. We want to disrupt the stigma of going out alone and increase your customer base and patronage.

Our solos are looking for ways to connect and engage with other like-minded people when they do the things they love to do. We are not a "ticket" reseller. We are curators of experiences that are designed to accommodate groups of solos.

It’s easy to list your event for sale in our Mixolo marketplace.

Mix it up with Mixolo.

Mixolo is an IRL (in real life) social network. We are a community of co-active solo adults, regardless of relationship status, who want to go out and connect and engage with cool people at cool events and experiences. We are using technology to increase in-person human interaction.

We want our members to feel comfortable going out unaccompanied. Who has not opted out of something they want to do because they did not have a plus-one? With Mixolo, we want to help them find their plus-some.

When our members attend our thoughtfully curated events designed to accommodate groups of solos with intersecting interests, we want them to be glad they came.

If you’re ready for a new kind of group in your solo-friendly establishment, Mixolo is for you. We think you’ll agree that looking for creative ways to serve and endear this ready-to- go-out group of people, likely meeting for the first time, is a fun business challenge and an attractive value proposition.

The Making of a Mixolo Event






Who can host a Mixolo event?

Any person or organization can host an event, provided they are a legally operating entity. Sole proprietorships may host an event if they are registered with their home state and/ or have a verifiable digital footprint (website, moble app, social media, online reviews…).

Mixolo wants to democratize event planning and hosting, increase the number of opportunities for people to connect in-person, with or without a plus-one, and encourage establishments to open their doors and minds to a new creative (and fun) level of customer engagement for our groups of solos.

Mixolo offers free accounts for its event hosts - there are no monthly subscription costs. Our operations are supported by reasonable event service fees and optional in-app targeted advertising purchases.

At this time, we are limiting our events to those organized and originating in the United States. Foreign travel that originates in the US is permitted.

Mixolo reserves the right to refuse hosts who may not be appropriate for our members.

Please refer to our terms of service for more details on allowances and restrictions.